My Sweet Preschooler


This year we decided to put Haylee in a little preschool class one day a week near our home. She was always asking to go to school with her brother and really enjoys playing with other kids. So this past month we have been telling her she was going to be starting school and every time we told her she would say "I don't want to go" so I was a little nervous on how the first day was going to go?

Well a week before school started we got to go meet her teacher and learn all about her class room. She was a little shy, but warmed up while we were there. Her teacher was really nice and so sweet. I was so excited for Haylee to be in this class this year. And of course Haylee had no problem her first day of school and walked right in like she had been there for weeks. I was so proud of her! Now as for me it was my first day all alone with NO kids for 4 hours. I was not quite sure what I was going to do, but I enjoyed some alone time and a nice lunch out with a friend.

kindergarten We Go


Well this year is much of a bitter sweet year for me. Not only did Dylan start Kindergarten, but it's with a whole new teacher. He has had Mrs. Labbe the last two years and we absolutely loved her. She was a true gem and I feel so blessed to not only call her my dear friend, but she made me feel safe with Dylan starting school and going to preschool. I think I cried just a few times on the last day of school! She truly helped Dylan grow so much, and it's such a joy being able to watch it.

But I am excited for this next year for Dylan. I love his teacher and I was so happy that most of Dylan's friends were all moving up and in the same class. This year will be more structured as they have their own individual desks now (how cute) with there names on them. Change is always hard, but it can always be a good thing. Dylan is still on the bus and he LOVES it, and I am so happy with both of his bus drivers. They are amazing!!!!  So cheers to a new year of school and lot's of growth and learning for our sweet boy....We love you Dylan!

Summer it's been real

Well summer has been bitter sweet for me this year. I was so excited for school to get, so we could  have a break and of course we were looking forward to our amazing vacations we had planned! I was excited to not have schedules, and to just do fun things with no rush in our mornings. Dylan was scheduled for summer school for part of our summer. Mornings Haylee and I would take our beach or harbor walks, and then get home to wait for Dylan. We had lot's of play dates, pool days and beach days. We enjoyed the dollar movies on Tuesdays with my sister and the kids. I put the kids in a little gym class and they loved it. It really was cute having them do a class together.We had spent the 4th of July at my dad and step mom's house, and celebrated my birthday with Greg, my mom and our best friends. Dylan had his annual heart check up and he got the all clear again, and the doctor said his heart looks perfect! That is always what we want to hear. It was definitely busy with both the kids at home for me, but I loved every minute of it!

Flying Flags Resort-Summer Vacation #2


With all the craziness of the summer we decided to throw in one last vacation before school started. We have gone here the last 3 summers in a row and it is absolutely one of my favorite places to go. This is what we call glamping. Most of our family has motor homes so the best part about this camp ground is that they have cabins that we can rent and be right next to them. They are all new cabins with full amenities, kitchens, bathrooms. They are the cutest ever!

We spent most of our days swimming, riding bikes, playing cards and board games. BBQ and doing fun things at night with the kids. Our dinners were always amazing! One of the nights we walked over as there was a band playing (country band my favorite) and they were really good. When we walked up Dylan went right over and started playing the guitar with the band and did not want to leave. Little did we know they were having a raffle to win the guitar and everyone loved Dilly so much the lady that one gave it to eyes filled up with tears. He was SO happy and so were we!!! One of the days we ventured out to one of our favorite wineries with everyone for a fun picnic and to enjoy our favorite wine. It was a little hot, but the weather was perfect for the most part. I love the town of Solvang and the history of it and all the little shops they have. It was a nice and relaxing vacation to end a great summer! I can't wait to keep this a family tradition, because it's always one of my favorite trips!

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