Pre-School Graduate

" You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!" -Dr. Seuss, oh The Places You'll Go! Dilly we are truly so proud of you, and so proud of the sweet boy you are becoming. You have the whole world In front of you, and we will stand by your side every step of the way. Can't believe my little man is going to be in kindergarten💙Time fly's and they grow up in a blink of an eye.....So for now summer is here and we will enjoy every day of fun in the sun, vacations and no schedules! Dylan we love you so much!🎉

Dylan-5 Years Old

My BIG 5 year old! This sweet boy has stolen our hearts from the first day we held him in our arms, he has molded our hearts, and taught us so much about the world and the beauty that is out there. He has taught us that joy is beautiful, and to truly love every blessed thing we have in life! Life never comes easy, but when you learn to accept the fears and the unknowing it will always make you stronger. Dylan we LOVE you so much! You are pure joy and your stubborn little since of humor, and silly laughs keep us going each and everyday. Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!!


Mamma's Brunch At School

Dylan's beautiful and sweet teacher and friend hosted such a sweet little brunch for the mom's at school. She decorated it just perfect, and loved spending time with all of my amazing friends and mom's that I love so much! My life is fuller with them in it, and I am truly lucky to have them by my side each and everyday. Hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day!


Mother's Day 2017

These sweet babies are my everything! I would not trade the hard days for anything. They teach me more love, they make me stronger as a mom and most of all they teach me that these little human beings grow up so fast and I never want to miss a beat with there sweet smiles, there snuggles and the hugs I get each and every day! Being a mama is the most rewarding gift and I am so thankful that my mom taught me what that is all about! Selfless love is everything. We love no matter what, and that god made us all different and perfect just the way we are❤️

Mother's day this year was a very special weekend! We enjoyed a nice dinner with my mother- in- law and sister-in-law at one of my favorite restaurants. Then Sunday we celebrated with my mom and BBQ up some amazing Mexican food thanks to my hubby for prepping a special dinner just for us. I truly love being a MAMA and I would not change it for the world.....

Dylan's Jog-a-Thon

A few weeks ago Dylan's school held there annual Jog-a-Thon and its one of my favorite events at his school. All the classes make the cutest banners for there class, they play lots of fun music and we cheer them all on with the greatest love! These kids are so cute because they truly try so hard to get all those laps in, in the amount of time they are given. They always put a smile on my face......

I sure will miss Dylan's class next year they are the sweetest kids ever and have the best teacher and Aides I could ever imagine!


Happy 37th Birthday Greg

Happiest of birthday's to the most amazing husband a girl could ask for, and one awesome daddy who loves his babies so much they truly look up to him! For Greg's birthday this year I planned a nice dinner out to one of our favorite restaurants and enjoyed some good food and wine which is two of Greg's favorite things to do. Love you sweet heart! We love you so much and thank god everyday for your love! xo


Easter 2017

Well a little late then never, but Easter was one of my favorite holidays this year with the kids. I tried to fit a lot of Easter activities in, but of course only got a few in. Its been a busy time of year so far and I am looking forward to summer and lots of free time!

We took the kids to an Easter event near our house that had lots of fun games, train rides, Easter egg hunt and of course a meet and greet with the Easter bunny. Both kids were not quite sure of the bunny this year, but they warmed up to him and we got some cute pictures. Greg and I hosted Easter for the first time and it turned out nice. It was small but perfect! Easter morning we went to church with our family, Haylee helped me decorate cupcakes, and the kids got to open there gifts from the Easter bunny.I love spending time with our family and of course when there is good food involved its even better! Greg cooked an amazing Rib-Eye and chicken, we did a cute little egg hunt for the kids and enjoyed some good wine! As much as I don't want my kids to grow up, its been really nice to have them start to enjoy all the fun things that I remember as a kid.....Happy Easter!